About Us

Who we are

With 35 years of legal and real estate experience, our organization is at the forefront of REAL ESTATE DIAGNOSTICS which is a systematic and data based analysis and reporting system giving investors and finance providers better insight and clarity about any real estate investment. We have created an integrated data based reporting system which covers all the legal and business aspects of analyzing all potential risks and opportunities with regard to a certain property.

The comprehensive reports would be available within 48 hours of query generation and submitting the required details of the property.


Why Us?

For the first time in the country we have specially designed TRANSACTION SEARCH which is a software to give a historic search report of all the public notices given in the 5 leading newspapers of Indore all the way from 1st January 2012 and the database is updated every single day to keep us in sync with any new notices that might come in future as well.

  • Factual
  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Detailed
  • Comprehensive
Customer and quality-centric approach

Features Of Real Estate Diagnostic Report

Genuine and Authentic

Every report generated is based on facts, verified information and valid proofs. The report is completely objective with genuine and authentic details.

Comprehensive and Detailed

The report covers all the important information and necessary details like details of the ownership, surroundings, condition, images etc.

Different Packages

We understand the sensitive information on any property is not just required by the buyer, but other stakeholders as well and hence we have flexible packages.

Indore Region

Owing to the in-depth analysis required, we are catering to the Indore region only. We cover all the properties of Indore, MP for the diagnosis.