For Non Diverted Land

Report SUPER 7 Bundle Services for Agricultural Or Non Diverted Land

Transaction Search from 2012 up to current date is provided (optional 3 year future Transaction Watch available at an additional charge).

Govt. Record Status of Khasra PII Paanchsaala, B1, Khasra Map and Google earth image (if possible) and its analysis from INDIRED.

Four boundary Analysis (only possible for single survey number or if all survey numbers are contiguous and form a block together with a defined boundary).

Land Use Status as per Indore Masterplan prepared by Town and Country Planning Department and Land use Analysis from INDIRED with uses permitted, permissible and non permissible under the said land use.

If land or any part of land is under any notified scheme of Indore Development Authority as per scheme file database of IDA. (this is an indicative information and should be confirmed with IDA before any further actions).

Important contacts applicable to the nearby areas and the village in which the land is located.

Collector's Guideline tentative value of the Current year along with tentative calculation of Stamp Duty and other legal charges in case of transfer of the property is provided. (Optional Trend analysis of the past 3 year's guideline value of the property is available at an additional charge if needed).